Component shortages not improving: Nvidia foresees problems for GPUs throughout most of 2022

Nvidia commented on its GPU availability,the shortage is expected to continue throughout the remainder of 2022.

By now, everyone will know that the pandemic has had a great impact on semiconductor production around the world.A global shortage of components that affects all technology industries , including video games, with products like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and the latest graphics card models failing to keep up with all the demand that exists.

The CEO of Nvidia , Jensen Huang, has recently spoken on this issue , who does not expect the situation to improve in the short term.Some of you will recall that, in April of this year, companies like Foxconn expected the shortage of components to last until 2022 . Well, with an additional quarter behind it, Nvidia is much more pessimistic when it comes to predicting a return to normality. The US manufacturer expects a shortage of graphics cards throughout most of 2022 .

“I expect that we will see a limited environment for the supply during the vast majority of next year , that is my forecast at the moment,” said the CEO of the company during the presentation of its fiscal results, shared by The Verge. While GPU shortages have been the general trend for the past year and a half, between the pandemic and the cryptocurrency boom, that hasn’t affected Nvidia’s bottom line much.

In fact, the company closed the best second quarter in its history in June , with revenues of $ 6.51 billion (68% more than a year ago). The company recently launched its new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti to complement its high-end range, and is looking to close an ARM purchase that is taking much longer than anticipated .

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