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There are many occasions in which we have an audio and we need to “chop” it into text. Good in the professional field if you want to transcribe meetings, talks or interviews. But also on a day-to-day basis if you receive a WhatsApp and cannot listen to it, if you want to transcribe class notes at the university without doing it by hand, etc. Whatever it is, there are many websites that allow you to convert from audio to text for free without having to install anything and without having to do it word for word.

We usually find two types of websites to transcribe audio to text: those that allow us to upload a file and after a few minutes give us the result, or web pages that start recording in real time from our browser to gradually convert what we say into a text that we can copy, export, edit, etc. That allows us? Not having to transcribe when we are going to clean up some notes, for example. Or when you have recorded an interview, a speech… In addition, most of them have recognition and support for many different languages, so it will be easy for you in case there is an audio with words that you do not understand, that you cannot translate and that you want to see written.

Not only websites that start recording, but at the end of these paragraphs you will also find applications capable of transcribing the messages that arrive via WhatsApp, for example, and that you can never listen to because they catch you at the wrong time or because you don’t trust what they have told you. said your friends.

What to take into account?

When choosing which tool is best for us, we can take into account a series of fundamental aspects that help us choose one or the other. We may need a tool to transcribe an interview or for a WhatsApp audio that we cannot hear. It will depend on what you need or what you want us to use one program or another.

  • Idiom

It is essential that we take into account the recognition languages ​​of each of these applications or online programs that we are going to use. Most of them will have support in several different languages, but imagine that you are transcribing your notes in Chinese and everything has a hard time in writing. In that case, we must be careful and make sure that it is compatible with the language that is going to be broadcast in audio.

  • Applications

You probably just want a tool that will transcribe the audio messages you receive on WhatsApp. In that case, there are specific apps and you will not need any of these pages whose use is usually more global. We must also take into account how we are going to use it or what the format is like: it is not the same if you have the pre-recorded audio and upload it and transcribe it for you than if you have to do it in real time giving permission to access the microphone and what happens to written what you dictate orally.

  • Limits

There are many of these programs that have limits. In other words, we cannot use them to transcribe hundreds of texts, but rather they are blocked after maximum use unless we pay, for example. You may only want to transcribe a text, so it is convenient for you to use the most complete and professional one, even if it has limits, since it will not affect us in the future. But if we tend to use it frequently, it will not be convenient to bet on these tools since we will end up blocking their use.

  • Formats

It is important that we take into account the format of the audio that we want to upload or we can upload to the web or platform since it will depend on how we have to record the audio. It may be that it transcribes over an audio that it records in real time or it may be that we have to upload an MP3 track that we have previously recorded. In any case, we must take this into account to know if the tool is compatible with the type of audio that we upload, record, etc. It will also depend on whether it is from the computer or from the mobile phone, a WhatsApp audio.

  • Price

Related to the previous case we have the price, is it worth paying for these tools or are there free options? If you use it frequently, it may be interesting to look for premium models that allow us more options or add advantages.

The great advantage of using a website to transcribe is that we can do it at any time instead of having to download a specific program. Whether it’s for something specific like an interview you’ve done or that’s on the radio and you can’t listen as if you use it regularly for your notes or classes at the faculty or institute. The operation is identical in all of them and it is enough to upload an audio or activate the microphone and it will begin to write in real time what is being pronounced. It will save you a lot of work and a lot of time.

We have tried all the options and we tell you the advantages of each of these websites to transcribe audio to text and which are the best ones that you can use in your day to day life, according to your needs, for mobiles, for computers or as an extension to have always at hand in the browser you are using…

Happy Scribe


Happy Scribe is one of the tools that we have tested and that works best from the entire list. A free software that we can start using at no cost and in a simple way. In addition, it has the advantage of not only transcribing audio or video that you have on your computer, but it is also capable of doing it through a YouTube link that you need to convert to text. For example, a talk or a meeting or even an online class that your teachers have uploaded to this video platform.

How does it work? It is easy. We enter its web page, it lets us choose between uploading a multimedia file or pasting a YouTube link. Once done, it starts playing we can start the transcriptions. It allows you to add different narrators or people so that you know who is who in the dialogue, for example, or it allows us to insert timestamps automatically as well as having a large number of advanced shortcuts that make it a comfortable tool.

In addition to the free version that allows us to transcribe, we can choose automatic services. A service in which an AI is in charge and that costs 20 cents per minute or a transcription made by humans with native transcriptionists and that costs 1.70 dollars per minute and ensures 99% accuracy.

Text From Speech

text from speech
Text From Speech

It is a simple tool, with a very basic interface and that perfectly fulfills its function. It has some advantages: it’s free, it’s available online, it doesn’t need download, installation or registration, and it works in several languages. What it allows us is very basic: all you have to do is speak to transcribe the audio or video and you can save the text, copy it, take it to Word or even print it from the website itself.

We can also send it directly by email from the page itself without the need to copy or transcribe it again. Another advantage, as we said, is that it is compatible with several languages and it will be enough to tap on the flag icon to choose between the available ones: English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish or Arabic. Language recognition will allow us to translate whatever we want.



Dictation is a web page in which you can speak and in real time it will transcribe what you are saying into text. There may be specific words that you consider “swearwords” and instead of writing them as they sound, mark them with asterisks. For the rest, the interface is very simple and its operation is highly recommended. We have tested it and it is not necessary to speak very slowly for it to understand us but it is enough to speak at a normal speed so that the words appear on the screen. Of course, it is recommended that you do it loud enough and clearly, with a more or less correct pronunciation.

In addition, its use is highly recommended thanks to a very simple interface for which you don’t need to be a computer expert: just open the Dictation website and tap on the “start” button. Once you have tapped and enabled the microphone, it will start to recognize your voice. Another advantage of this website is that it is not only capable of detecting when you speak in English but that it has a large number of languages ​​that is capable of recognizing various parts of the world languages such as, French, German, Italian…



Speechnotes is another of the great classics if you are looking for the best websites or apps to transcribe audio to text. You can use it online without downloading anything, although we also recommend that you use the Android app if you have a phone or tablet. It is not as precise in understanding us as the previous one and it is less fluid, but it is a good option if you are looking for a tool that is compatible with mobile phones and that you always have at hand. You can say whatever you want, it is compatible with several languages ​​and it has a series of commands that will help us not only to reflect the dictation in written text but also to add punctuation marks, exclamation marks, etc.

One of the main advantages of Speechnotes is that when you have the finished text you can export it directly from the web or the app in the format you want: in .txt, in .doc or upload it to Google Docs to always have it accessible in the cloud. It is a free service and one of the most recommended you can have.

Other tools

Less popular or recommended than the previous ones are these websites that are compatible with all kinds of formats to transcribe. They are less useful or less complete but they also fulfill their function.

Bear File

The interface isn’t the most comfortable and it’s different from the previous one: you don’t have to speak but you have to upload an audio in MP3. It is the best option if you want to transcribe a talk, a university class or an interview since you will not have to say it in real time but you can upload the previously recorded file and not worry. It is compatible with Mp3 format, WAV format, MWV format and OGG (the format of audio files received on WhatsApp). You can upload files with a maximum weight of 3 MB and all you have to do is look for it on your computer, upload it and touch “Convert”. After a few seconds or a few minutes, the file will be converted and transcribed and you will be able to download it to your computer.

As for the time it takes for the transcription, the website itself indicates that for an audio of 1 MB it could take about 45 seconds. For now it only recognizes the English language, but it can be very useful in the event that we have an interview or a recorded talk in English and, although our knowledge of the language is good, we do not fully understand the other person, since be it because of his voice, his way of speaking or the accent he has. Thus, by converting your voice into text, it will be easier for us to translate and understand.

Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook is one of the most accurate if you are looking for the best websites to transcribe audio into text, compatible with a large number of languages ​​and without the need to install anything. Like others on the list, it is enough to give it access to the microphone so that it transcribes what you are saying in real time. Once it has detected it, you will see the final text on the screen. You can edit it, add punctuation that has not been transcribed correctly or copy and paste it into another document. It also automatically allows you to download it in .txt format on your computer.

One of the advantages of this tool is that it has an extension for Google Chrome that you can install for free if you need to always have something on hand to start transcribing or saving at any time. Or an application that you can download on Linux OS, Mac OS or Windows if instead of having a website to transcribe you want to use a downloaded program. In this case, the software is compatible with the main editors or programs such as Word, Excel, etc.


With a version for web or applications and with several dialects available. It is one of the most useful. Also, basic and simple. Just start the web page and touch the “play”. Give permission to the web from the browser and it will start transcribing automatically. It is somewhat slower than others on this list and it is not the best at identifying our voice, but it is useful enough. When you finish, click on “stop” and touch on “clear” when you want to clean the text. It also has a word counter or you can dictate punctuation marks that you want to add to the text. One advantage is that it has “autosave” so you don’t lose the transcript in case you close the website by mistake. The text will still be there when you return to it.

As we have said, it has a text editor that is very useful. When you finish transcribing your voice, if you want to use that text for an email or for work, you can edit it on the same page. Correct accents, words that have not been well understood, commas and periods… You can even put bold, italics or change the font and font size so that the text can go directly to a text document that you are going to send. Due to its large number of languages ​​and dialects that it supports, the text editing tools and its ease to start using it, this website is one of the most recommended for this type of work.

Speech Logger

Of all the ones we’ve tried to make this list, Speechlogger is one of the best capable of recognizing our voice and transcribing it even when we speak fast or sing. It uses Google’s speech-to-text technologies and works through a web page without the need to install anything. It is capable of transcribing audio to text but it can also extract text from audio files or convert text to speech if we need it. It has automatic saving, it allows us to export, print, share by email… It is one of the most complete and most recommended if you are looking for a very useful tool but, above all, very precise.

Like others on this list, Speechlogger has recognition of several different languages ​​and allows us to translate what we are saying in real time.
As the transcript does not use punctuation marks, we can find a bar with editing tools such as commas, periods, quotation marks, parentheses and other punctuation marks. Once we have finished the website, it allows us to export that text, already transcribed and edited, directly to Google Translate, which is a very interesting resource if we have to send an email in another language. We will dictate what we want to write, edit it with punctuation marks and export it directly to Google translate to have it in another language.

Speechlogger also allows you to export subtitle files, which can be very useful if you want to transcribe a talk or a video for people with hearing problems or for people who speak another language. An interesting tool to add to our video editing list.


IBM has Watson, its artificial intelligence capable of transcribing audio, although we have noticed that it understands us less than other tools on this list. It can be useful if you have clear and precise audio, loud and understandable. But if you speak fast, the result is not always the best. The great advantage of this web page is that it allows us to upload files in Mp3, mpeg, wav and other formats without the need to transcribe them in real time, instead what it will do is convert the uploaded audio to text.

It also has a large number of languages and dialects that it claims to be able to understand and one of its main advantages is that it is capable of detecting several interlocutors and differentiating them in the transcribed text according to their voices.

Transcription with Google

Google has its own Instant Transcription Tool, a tool for people who are deaf and developed in collaboration with Gallaudet University. But although it is designed to improve the accessibility of Android phones and tablets, it is also a very interesting tool for anyone thanks to the fact that you can make transcripts of practically anything you want: WhatsApp audios, interviews, recorded classes, etc.

You can transcribe in real time with great accuracy and there are 80 different languages ​​or dialects. Also, another advantage is that Google is able to do the transcription in real time by quickly switching between two languages. You can also add custom words that you use frequently (specific names, for example) and it will detect them.

Google’s is an application that you can install on mobile phones and tablets if you need it. Just give it access to the microphone and it will start working in real time. It is probably the most effective and precise of this entire list: you can speak fast and Google will be able to understand you and transcribe you instantly. In addition, you can choose to save the transcripts and later copy them to any document, Google Docs, etc. Its only drawback is that it does not have a web version that we can use from the computer.

Mobile phone applications

If what you are interested in is converting audio to text on your mobile phone, you may want to have an application installed instead of using pages like the ones we have compiled in previous paragraphs. If so, there are some free mobile phone tools that we can download for Android and iOS. We only recommend them if you make common use of this type of service and not for something specific that you can easily solve with a web page.

Voice Texting Pro

For iOS, Voice Texting Pro app is one of the best app that you can use if you want apps to transcribe audio to text. It is one of the most complete and interesting, you can have it for free. It is a free app that works well and is easy to use. We simply need to activate the microphone that we will see in the button in the lower right corner. Once you have it, it will automatically start transcribing.

The great advantage of this app is that you can not only transcribe by activating the microphone, but you can also send the message automatically through WhatsApp and other applications such as Twitter, Facebook, by SMS or by email. It is easy to use if you have an iPhone phone and without any cost so you can try it without limit. In addition, it also has no transcript limit, for example.

Transcribe for WhatsApp

If what you want is to transcribe WhatsApp messages because you don’t like to listen to audio or because you can’t at the moment, you can download specific applications dedicated to this purpose. This is the case of Transcriber for WhatsApp, an application that allows you to convert all the audio you receive through chats in the messaging application into text. Simply click on the audio and touch “share” and from here we will send it to the application. The app will automatically start working in a pop-up window telling you what it says in the received message. It is quite useful and free and although it has ads it is not a bother when using it.

The application allows us to choose the speed, for example. We can choose the minimum speed and the maximum speed that we want from the settings. And its use, as we say, is very simple. Simply press and hold the voice note and allow it to translate it for us. It is an option not designed for the workplace but for all those times that your friends send you ten minutes of audio that you can hardly ever listen to because you are working, on the subway or at the cinema.

Audio to Text for WhatsApp

If instead of having Android you have iOS, you can use Audio to Text for WhatsApp if you are looking for something specific to transcribe the infinite voice messages of your friends. If you want something similar to the above, you can do it with Audio to Text for WhatsApp whose mission is the same: convert the audio that we receive in the messaging application into text. Just go to the conversation, tap on the audio and click on “forward”.

From here we send it to Audio to test for WhatsApp and we will automatically get the transcribed message without having to listen to it or use headphones.

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