Best offer in Xiaomi 34″ curved monitor on Amazon

They may be thinking of taking a major leap in the quality of the monitor you have at home. To achieve this, you can take advantage of an excellent offer that is currently on Amazon and that allows you to get a very interesting Xiaomi model that has a curved panel.

The most striking thing, as it cannot be otherwise, is that this is a team that has a screen of nothing more and nothing less than 34 inches. This makes it a perfect complement for both playing games and consuming multimedia content. That is, you can enjoy Fortnite with a high quality as the series you like the most. By the way, to favor the last thing we have mentioned is that the IPS panel ratio is 21.9, so it fits like a glove to always enjoy to the fullest today.

Other good details that you should know when it comes to image quality are that the resolution offered by the Xiaomi model we are talking about reaches 3,440 x 1,440 pixels, more than enough to enjoy a fantastic definition with all kinds of uses. But, in addition, this product is perfectly prepared to be used with games and can be considered as a gaming monitor since, on the one hand, it has a response time of four milliseconds and, on the other, its refresh rate reaches 144 Hz . And, this ensures that the experience in this area is excellent.

Big discount on Amazon

Right now you have to pay only 460.95 euros to have this Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor at home (the normal would be € 519.99). Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity that you should not miss, especially if you have a Prime account since in this case you will not have to add anything for shipping costs. We leave you the purchase link so that you can use it from home with total reliability and, therefore, that you get this device that is finished in black and has AMD FreeSync technology :

Connectivity of this Xiaomi

We believe that what this model offers is more than enough so that you do not have any problems regardless of what you have in mind to connect to the monitor. Thus, in addition to DisplayPort that fits with Apple environments, there are also a pair of HDMI ports (version 2.2). In this way, you can have both a console and a computer connected at the same time, always with excellent image quality. Therefore, this product is an excellent solution for all kinds of users.

Xiaomi curved monitor available on Amazon
Xiaomi curved monitor available on Amazon

With dimensions that are not exorbitant considering that the Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor has a 34-inch screen, they stay at 99.8 x 46.4 x 21 centimeters, we believe that this is an excellent purchase option in these models that will surely allow you to improve the image quality that you currently have and that, in addition, offers excellent ergonomics since it allows adjustments both in height and in rotation.

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