Best loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone

Whether you’re gathering cash in Plunder, or trying to survive in Battle Royale, you’re generally at a serious disadvantage in Call of Duty: Warzone. Finding the right weapons will certainly improve your odds, but you’ll do even better if you’ve got the right loadouts.

In Plunder, you can spawn in with your custom loadout, but in Battle Royale, you’ll need to find one that randomly drops, or purchase one from a Buy Station for $10,000. However you acquire the loadout, it’s best to customize it to fit your needs. Since the Warzone game modes play differently from regular multiplayer, we recommend to have a class created specifically for Battle Royale or Plunder. This is our list of the best loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone.

HDR and Holger-26, with Cold Blooded

This loadout is used by many players across the community, as well as popular Warzone streamers. It’s a versatile class that pretty much covers all scenarios you’d encounter.

For starters, the HDR is an excellent choice for picking off enemies from afar. Make sure you’ve got the Monolithic Suppressor on it to stay off the minimap (and to increase your range). Having the Thermal Sniper Scope attached will also do wonders for those long-distance shots, where your enemy might be hidden in hard-to-see areas.

Equip the Overkill perk in order to carry a second primary weapon. We recommend the Holger-26. This LMG has great damage, range, and accuracy, and with a massive 100-round drum, you’ll be less likely to run out of ammo. Like the HDR, be sure to slap on the Monolithic Suppressor to remain hidden. Although the Holger excels at medium- to long-range, it works well up close, too.

As for Perks, we recommend Cold Blooded so you don’t get targeted by enemy Killstreaks, and so you don’t show up on thermal scopes or Heartbeat Sensors. Use Tracker to see enemy footsteps when one is nearby.

This class is great for staying in one spot for a while or for being on the move. If you do plan on setting up shop somewhere, use Proximity Mines to watch your back. And always take a look at your Heartbeat Sensor to check for nearby enemies.

Primary HDR – Monolithic Suppressor, 26.9″ HDR Pro, Thermal Sniper Scope, FTAC Hunter Scout, 9 Round Mags
Secondary Holger-26 – Monolithic Suppressor, FTAC 8.98″ Spitfire, Solozero Optics Mini reflex, Merc Foregrip, Stippled Grip Tape
Perks Cold Blooded, Overkill, Tracker
Lethal Proximity Mine
Tactical Heartbeat Sensor

FN Scar 17 and HDR, with Cold Blooded

Use this loadout if you want to lead with an assault rifle, and what better weapon than the FN SCAR 17? The SCAR is one of the most overlooked assault rifles in the game. With extreme accuracy and damage, you can pick enemies off from close range and afar with ease.

This loadout mirrors the previous one, but with more of a focus on close to medium range attacks. Equip the Monolithic Suppressor to remain hidden and for a range boost, and ensure you use 30 round mags for the added firepower. By default, the Scar only has 20 rounds in the chamber. You can get away with this in traditional multiplayer, but in Warzone, you’ll need all the extra rounds you can get.

Everything else is the same as the previous loadout. Use Overkill to have an HDR as a secondary, with a Thermal Scope and Monolithic Suppressor for those long-range silent kills. Cold Blooded will hide you from enemy Killstreaks and Thermal Scopes, while Tracker will help you spot nearby enemy footsteps.

Always reference your Heartbeat Sensor when entering a building. However, make sure you don’t rely on it 100% since enemies might be using Cold Blooded to stay hidden.

Primary FN Scar 17 – Monolithic Suppressor, Forge Tac 20.0 LB, XRK Obelisk Pro, 30 Round Mags, Rubberized Grip Tape (Rear Grip)
Secondary HDR – Monolithic Suppressor, 26.9″ HDR Pro, Thermal Sniper Scope, FTAC Hunter Scout, 9 Round Mags
Perks Cold Blooded, Overkill, Tracker
Lethal Proximity Mine
Tactical Heartbeat Sensor

M4A1 and 725-Shotgun, with Kill Chain

Perhaps you’re more of an aggressive player who likes to get up close and personal. This loadout is for you. We recommend the M4A1 assault rifle with the 725-Shotgun. As with the previous loadouts, use Overkill to carry two primary weapons.

The M4A1 is arguably one of the best assault rifles in the game, with high damage and rate of fire. It works in pretty much all scenarios and if you want to stay off the radar, it’s best to use the Monolithic Suppressor. Use the .458 SOCOM 10-Round Mags for higher damage and range, which will come in handy in Warzone.

For the secondary, we recommend the 725. This will be extremely useful for close-range situations. Although many of your battles will be at long range, it helps to come prepared when getting up close. Use the Sleight of Hand perk to reload faster, and the XRK 18.0″ Liberator to increase your range.

Since this is a bit more of an aggressive class, you’ll likely be moving a lot more, while opening chests. For that, we recommend the Kill Chain perk, which increases your chance of finding Killstreaks in crates. In addition, the Tune Up perk increases the speed at which you can revive teammates. If you’re playing solo, swap this perk out for Tracker.

With a more aggressive class like this, Molotovs will do wonders for you. They’ll do high damage and steer enemies from going where the fire spreads. Combine that with a flashbang when infiltrating a building.

Primary M4A1 – Monolithic Suppressor, Stock M16 Grenadier, Scout Combat Optic, .458 Socom 10-Round Mags, Rubberized Grip Tape
Secondary 725-Shotgun – XRK 18.0″ Liberator, 1mW Laser, Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex, Tube Extension, Stippled Grip Tape, Slight of Hand
Perks Kill Chain, Overkill, Tune Up
Lethal Molotov
Tactical Flashbang

MP7 with Ghost

If you’re a player who’s tired of getting spotted by enemy UAVs, this class will come in handy for you. You’ll want to use it to get up close to enemies without being spotted. Equip the MP7, with a Tactical Suppressor, along with a Thermal Hybrid. Under normal circumstances, the Thermal scopes wouldn’t be necessary, but in Warzone, they’re much more useful against enemies hiding in brush or other areas.

Since you won’t be rocking the Overkill perk with this class, we recommend the .357 Magnum, since it deals high damage. The Snake Shot magazine will essentially turn this into a shotgun — perfect for classes without the Overkill perk. Equip the .357 Long attachments to increase the range, along with the Lightweight Trigger for increased rate of fire. You can also swap the sight for Akimbo, to dual wield Magnums. If you do use this perk, you can blast enemies away in just a couple of shots. By default, the .357’s iron sights are hard to use, so we advise to use some sort of sight to help secure the kill.

Much like the last class, use Kill Chain to increase the drop rate for Killstreaks from boxes, and Tune Up for increased revive speed. With this being a much more aggressive and in-your-face class, Stims are recommended to give you quick health regeneration.

Primary MP7 – Tactical Suppressor, FSS Recon, Thermal Hybrid, FORGE TAC Stalker, Snake Shot, Ranger Foregrip
Secondary .357 – .357 Long, APX5 Holographic Sight, Lightweight Trigger, Lockwood .357 Custom Stock
Perks Kill Chain, Ghost, Tune Up
Lethal Molotov
Tactical Stim

Riot Shield and Grau 5.56, with Cold Blooded

This is a bit of an unusual class, but it can be very effective. In Warzone, it’s quite common to get taken out from behind, which is where the Riot Shield comes into play. Use it to cover your back, or your front when making your way towards enemies. Any time you open a door that might have enemies behind it, guard your front with the shield. It can also be a great distraction while your teammates take out the foes focusing on you. Or quickly switch to it when enemies are firing at you from the front.

With this class, you’ll want the most versatile secondary weapon you can find. We recommend the Grau 5.56, which can be customized from being a long-range machine, to essentially a close-range SMG. Whichever way you want to customize it, use the Monolithic Suppressor to stay hidden.

The Tempus 26.4″ Barrel will increase your range and bullet velocity when attacking from afar, while removing the stock will make it feel much lighter like an SMG. Opt for 60 round mags to assist when taking out multiple enemies at once. The Grau’s accuracy makes it one of the most useful assault rifles in the game. With the Grau, the iron sights should work well for you, so you can save an attachment slot.

As for the perks, Cold Blooded will keep you away from enemy Killstreaks, while Tune Up will help you revive teammates quicker. Make sure to have the Riot Shield on your back to cover yourself when reviving someone. Always use the Heartbeat Sensor when entering a building or when you know an enemy is close. Utilize Molotovs to lure an enemy out of a close-quarters area.

Primary Riot Shield
Secondary Grau 5.56 – Monolithic Suppressor, Tempus 26.4″ Archangel, No Stock, 60 Round Mags, Slight of Hand
Perks Cold Blooded, Overkill, Tune Up
Lethal Molotov
Tactical Heartbeat Sensor

Other loadout tips

In general, there are lots of combinations of weapons that are successful for Warzone. A good rule of thumb is to pick weapons that excel at long range and have a silencer to avoid being detected. Much of the enemies you encounter in Warzone will be from medium to long range, so it’s always a good idea to have some sort of assault rifle, sniper, or Marksman rifle for those situations.

Overkill does wonders in Warzone, since it gives you two primary weapons. Use this to have a close and long-range weapon combo that is effective for all situations. You’ll be more successful if you come equipped with the most versatile loadout, such as an assault rifle/sniper combined with a shotgun or SMG.

Also, keep in mind there are perks that work differently in Warzone like Tune Up (faster teammate revive speed) and Kill Chain (higher Killstreak drop rate from boxes).

If you’re someone who likes to stay in one spot for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to use claymores or proximity mines to watch your back. Finally, use the Heartbeat Sensor when infiltrating a building, or if you think an enemy is nearby. It’s basically an essential part of a Warzone loadout since it pinpoints enemies that are close to you.

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