Battlefield V free for Amazon Prime users

Amazon Prime,with in similar dynamic,in turn offers a collection of games for PC and that this time the latest war installment from EA Games is being added to its catalog.Like its predecessor “Battlefield 1” this installment shares several similar aspects in terms of its style of storytelling by chapters.

On this occasion, it transports us to the Second World War , with four campaigns that pay tribute to both men and women who were at the front and who died for their homeland.Another aspect that it shares with past installments and that this time a real concern is felt is in online multiplayer, where the maps that we can access are much larger , with more vehicles and with much more destruction involved.

How can I get a copy of Battlefield V?

In order to redeem the product, you must have an active Amazon Prime account and enter Prime Gaming and select “Request” .Then a new tab will open battlefield v offer page where they must select “Apply now” and they will receive a code, which can be redeemed on the Origins platform for PC users .

Amazon prime
amazon prime

Battlefield V is available for both PC and Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles .

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