This is the new browser Avast Secure Browser PRO for Windows, which includes VPN and blocks ads

The security company Avast has announced the launch of a new browser for PC, whose main feature is that it comes with an integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) and that also includes an advanced Adblock that prevents ads from being displayed and trackers that block by default.

The browser has been dubbed Avast Secure Browser PRO, it is paid and is based on Chromium for Windows PCs. The integrated VPN provides access to 30 locations around the world, including all continents except Antarctica and offers encryption of all connections, both incoming and outgoing. All this is offered to any user, without the need for them to have any kind of technical knowledge to preserve these security features, as Avast promises.

It should be remembered that in 2020, Avast incorporated VPNs integrated into the premium version of its mobile browser for Android and iOS. And the next step has been to include this functionality also in the premium version of Secure Browser for PC. The objective is that the attacks that can enter through the navigation find a stumbling block here.

More features of the new Avast browser

Avast secure browser icon
Avast secure browser icon

Avast has also added additional privacy and compatibility features in Secure Browser PRO . It incorporates Anti-Phishing, Anti-Tracking, Bank Mode and Password Management services.

For example, your advanced Adblock set as the default option and configured with “Strict Mode” as the default option, what it does is block ads and trackers automatically. On the other hand, you have available in “Essential mode” and “Balanced mode” (which is the one recommended by the company) and they block all ads that violate current local regulations and also auto-play videos.

Costs of this browser

They explain from Avast that the built-in VPN comes with no buffering, no throttling, and no encrypted bandwidth limits. In addition, it allows you to connect a maximum of five devices on your mobile and desktop. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android, and will be available for Mac shortly. The subscription service has three tiers, and includes a seven-day free trial.

The monthly subscription is available for € 5.99 per month, the annual subscription for 4.12 euros per month and the two-year offer for 2.92 euros per month. To activate Avast Secure Browser PRO, users must install the free version of the browser available, and follow the update steps. Users can choose to upgrade immediately to the PRO feature set (paid) or take advantage of the seven-day trial (no payment details required).

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