Apple M3 pro chips: most powerful chips till date

Turned on Imac Beside Macbook on Table

The specifications of the new Apple M3 Pro processors that will arrive to join the Apple Silicon family with more cores and a greater amount of RAM have been leaked.

Apple’s new processors still don’t have a release date and unfortunately this is making users desperate. Over the past few weeks we have seen a series of leaks and rumors about the new Apple M3 Pro, but none like the one seen in the last few hours.

And, it is that, the supposed specifications of this new processor have just been filtered, which aims to be the most powerful thing that Apple has launched so far. Putting the number of CPU cores, GPU cores, and RAM into perspective, the difference to chips released in past generations is striking.

Perhaps the biggest change is in the architecture leap. In the report that comes from Bloomberg, it is said that the new Apple M3 Pro would have 3nm transistors instead of the 5nm ones that have been used in the Apple M1 and Apple M2 processors that have been launched in the last years.

The generational leap to 3nm is one of the most anticipated by Apple users. The adoption of Cupertino’s own processors to its devices has been a huge change and, in fact, has allowed devices like the iPad to now have professional programs like Final Cut Pro.

Apple M3 Pro: the new Apple processors bare in this leak

The M3 Pro processor is expected to feature 12 CPU cores along with 18 GPU cores and 36GB of RAM. If we compare this M3 Pro processor with the Apple Silicon M2 Pro, what we find is that it has 2 more CPU and GPU cores along with 4 GB more RAM.

When comparing the M3 Pro processor with the M1 Pro, the difference is more abysmal, with 4 more GPU and CPU cores. The amount of RAM would also be 4 GB more, although it would be expected to be much faster than what has been used so far. Logically, this processor will go to the MacBook Pro and not to the Apple MacBook Air.

Of course, we will have to wait to see what has been prepared for the Apple MacBook Air since the Apple M3 Pro would be accompanied by the Apple M3. Meanwhile, we can only wait for the new generation of Apple Silicon that has offered such good results to users in recent years.

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