Alan Wake Remastered review

The most famous writer in the video game world is back. Eleven years have passed since the release of the successful Alan Wake, in the absence of news of its second installment, this edition called Alan Wake Remastered is a good opportunity to take the pulse of the market by Remedy and, incidentally, make a brilliant updating exercise of its graphic section that makes the title look like new.

I am not very fond of remastering or remakes, from my point of view they occupy development teams that could be working on new iterations of a saga or on the creation of new intellectual properties in the creation of low-risk products that contribute little to the industry in terms of creativity and cutting edge. However, there are exceptions and this Alan Wake Remastered could be said to be one of them.

This remastering of the 2010 original brings with it a substantial improvement in textures and shading. In addition, the lighting system of the title has been greatly improved thanks to the use of the latest work carried out by the Finns: Control, and the versions of PC and new generation consoles have the possibility of running the title at 60 images per second. in 4K resolution .

Having analyzed the game in its PC version, I have to say that the result is superb, you have the feeling of being in a completely new game. D3t, the studio behind the miracle, knows well how to carry out these types of projects, their last work was the remastering of Mafia II Definitive Edition and the results speak for themselves.

However, something must be taken into account, it is a very demanding title with our equipment, and to have that resolution at 4K and 60 images per second simultaneously requires the use of my beloved DLSS 2.0from NVIDIA. Only in this way, the teams compatible with this technology will be able to take full advantage of the game.

Those of you who do not have this type of support should consider the possibility of getting the next-generation versions of PS5 (which will see Alan Wake coming to your system for the first time in its history) or Xbox Series.

A spectacular screen result

The video game Alan Wake Remastered has become a rare bird in my gamer card. It is the third time that I have completed it, and of all of them, without the slightest hint of doubts, this has been the best by far.

The remastering work that has been carried out makes the title look like it is fresh out of the oven, the models feel current and the facial expressions of the same have taken an impressive quantum leap. It is true that Alan now has a slightly more grim expression compared to the original, but it is not something that bothered me in the least while holding the controller.

Alan wake Remastered
Alan wake Remastered

The 2010 title offered a tremendously dark experience, at times very lacking in charm, especially due to its limitations in terms of texturing and drawing distance ; two elements that in this version have undergone changes that mean that getting lost in the title in a thousand sterile laps does not happen again, while preserving the disturbing and terrifying essence of the original.

All this is what happens during the game, but what has to do with the cinematics is not far behind. Each and every one of them has been improved, making the most of the animation system and making each and every one of the characters that populate the title feel more human than ever.

These animations now also run at 60 images per second and are a good example of how to carry out a project of this type. I can’t stop thinking about Dead Space and the remake to come, wondering if seventh-generation games that keep their fresh and entertaining gameplay mechanics wouldn’t be enough with what I’ve seen in this Alan Wake Remastered.

The title preserves exactly all the elements of the original as they were conceived at the time, so the surreal David Lynch-tinged horror story that we faced at the time remains intact.

In fact, these days Remedy had been asked to allow in this edition that all the manuscripts were collected already in the normal difficulty of the game, something that can only be achieved in a nightmare and that many had criticized for distancing a part of the players to be able to understand one hundred percent of the history of the title. These pleas have been ignored, respecting the essence of the original at all times.

However, this may be the best time to attempt that level of challenge, first of all because collecting these notes spread across the stages is a real treat that leads you to explore the game further. It’s worth stopping by to check out supply crates, thermos, stacks of cans, and so many other collectibles that are named for the mere sake of taking in the scenery and sometimes discovering yet-unexplored parts of Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake.

Resolution and fluidity influence gameplay

Obviously, these improvements in the graphics are reflected in what refers to the sensations that the title transmits to the controls. Greater fluidity and resolution end up being noticed very positively when shining our flashlight at the enemies and shooting, having the feeling that we aim better and more concisely. Turning and dodging are faster and more precise, and the action sequences in which we are cornered by the Dark Presence and its minions work better than ever.

The truth is that Alan Wake’s mechanics were quite simple at the time, but very effective, something that helps greatly to make the game feel very current without having to touch anything in this regard. Obviously the years are there and some scrolling animations, especially in jumps, can feel somewhat stagnant, but they do not weigh down the experience in any way.

Alan wake Remastered animation
Alan wake Remastered animation

In fact, the slow-motion animations that occur when dodging at the exact moment or, when throwing a flare at an enemy, look great, far above what they did in the original where they could become repetitive or fouls intensity.

The vehicle driving phases work much better than in the original, although there are some sections that, seen with the distance of time, may now seem more repetitive or lengthened in excess of what we craved in their time. Result, the latter, of changes in trends and the natural evolution of the industry, but I insist, Alan Wake Remastered feels as current as the first day.

In addition to being able to enjoy the full version of the original, this remastering comes with the two downloadable content that accompanied the game after its launch: the writer and the signal. These are interesting additions because, although they were not too extensive, none of them exceeding an hour and a half, they contributed to the game some of the freshest ideas in terms of mechanics.

Stripped of the need to preserve the mystery that surrounds the story in its main campaign, these two DLCs dared to design more dreamlike and free scenarios and somehow glimpsed what was to come for Remedy in Control or Quantum Break .

It is true that at the narrative and story level they do not contribute much, but the funniest and most original moments with weapons in hand are left by these much more imaginative sections. These contents alone may not be enough of a claim, but the package will come at a reduced price, something that makes it a very seductive offer whether you have enjoyed the experience or not.

This remastering of Alan Wake comes completely dubbed and translated into different languages in all its contents, with the exception of some of the words that can be found on screen within the expansions, something that does not bother, but that would have been a good detail to be keep in mind when relaunching the game. However, it is a real pleasure to hear again the duo made up of Lorenzo Beteta and Salvador Aldeguer in the roles of Alan Wake and his comedian manager, Barry Wheeler.

A problem that has often passed so many years since the release of an original title has to do with licensed music. We have already seen some examples of games that have lost their soundtracks, or that have been directly withdrawn from sale due to the expiration of these agreements. So it has to be valued as it deserves that Alan Wake Remastered arrives with both its original and licensed soundtracks completely intact, being, as they were eleven years ago, simply magnificent.

Along the same lines, a small curiosity, recently we saw how the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding no longer contained advertising related to the placement of products. Perhaps many have forgotten, but Alan Wake used this type of financing at the time, something that has been revised for this edition that comes without any type of sponsorship.

5 Things you should know

  • It rIt respects the bases of the original with a spectacular result on the screen at the graphic level.
  • Performance level improvements benefit the action and game feel of the game.
  • The two downloadable contents of the original come standard with this version.
  • The title will be released on PC, Xbox Series and One and, for the first time, on PlayStation devices.
  • It would have been appreciated to be able to unlock all the manuscripts in normal level, yes, it has respected the idea of ​​the original version.

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