Adobe Firefly Revolutionizes Coloring in Illustrator

Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s family of generative AI models, is now coming to Adobe Illustrator to bring to life a new feature called Generative Recolor, which is coming in beta to enable creatives to get different color variants of their projects.

This means in practice what we all know, substantial time savings to be able to invest in other less tedious tasks, speeding up the workflows of current projects. Adobe points out that this integration is part of the company’s ambition to give “additional speed, precision and power” to creative processes, as is already being noted with the integration of Adobe Firefly in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Express.

Firefly expanding to bring innovative features to life

By opting for Firefly, creatives will not only save time but also obtain professional-quality results, being the one that is giving the best results of all the generative AI services on the market.

From Adobe they also point out that they are working so that in the future, the companies themselves can also train Firefly in a personalized way using their own brand resources to achieve results that are in line with their unique style and brand language.

And also:

Enterprises also have the opportunity to obtain intellectual property rights compensation from Adobe for content generated by certain workflows powered by Firefly, allowing them to deploy it across their organization with confidence.

Generative Recolor, to obtain color variants of projects

With regard to Generative Recolor, creatives will only have to enter some text indications to obtain color variants of their own projects, that is, the AI ​​itself will be in charge of coloring the different elements of the vector illustrations according to simple indications.

This innovative feature will speed up workflows from branding related projects to advertising and marketing related projects, among others. Adobe notes that Generative Recolor offers a wealth of opportunities for creatives, aiming at recoloring graphics quickly, experimenting with various colors, palettes, and themes to get just the right look for artwork, and even getting numerous color variations. from a single design file.

Let’s remember that this new function is now in beta phase, as well as improvements and new functions, such as Retype (beta), new layer functionalities and improvements in the Image Trace function.

The announcement has been made from London as part of the Adobe Max 2023 celebration, where there will also be a session in which designers and experts will share with the community a series of tips and tricks on Illustrator and Firefly.

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