A serious desynchronization problem is discover in Halo Infinite multiplayer

Some players had reported problems registering shots in Halo Infinite multiplayer, which resulted in missing shots at enemies despite shooting correctly, or taking damage and dying in places where they shouldn’t have been shot, like behind covers. Yesterday, some Reddit users decided to dig deeper into what could be happening, which has led them to discover a serious desynchronization problem in Halo infinite multiplayer.

In a video recorded by one of the users, you can witness a massive desynchronization between the server and the client, illustrated in a very effective way through the driving of a Warthog, which ends up being in considerably different positions on both sides. This situation is the one that has undoubtedly led users to experience the problems mentioned above.

Luckily, from 343 Industries they have responded to the Reddit community, greatly appreciating that they have reported this problem in such a detailed way. The team has ensured that the error is now being investigated and they hope to be able to reproduce it internally to identify its causes.The Halo Infinite campaign will go on sale on December 8, and will be available from that same day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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