A new Sony patent points to a future PS5 Pro with dual GPUs

Sony Patent announced to develop a PS5 pro after successful sale of PS5. Those who build their PCs have been enjoying the ability to combine two graphics cards for years to achieve much higher frame-per-second rates on those computers, but the idea could now be carried over to consoles.

This is of course pointed out by a new Sony patent that describes a console that could include two graphics cards. That logically has triggered the rumors of a potential and future PS5 Pro that would precisely make use of that surprising configuration.

Sony patent; PS5 Pro: Dual GPU to play more and better in 4K

The Sony patent makes clear reference in the title to a “scalable video game console” and to that “multi-GPU” system that would allow those graphics cards to collaborate to render each frame of the game or to do each one a different task to accelerate the whole process and increase the production of rendered frames in games.

The idea is not new: it has been applied to the PC world for years, where dual (or triple) configurations with NVIDIA or AMD cards became famous for a while. It is still possible to combine graphics on PCs, but the practice is somewhat more obsolete because although theoretically we have twice the power at our disposal, the performance in games is not multiplied by two.

A long-standing analysis of LegitReviews with two RTX 2080 Ti in SLI made it clear: in ‘Battlefield 1’ it went from 100 to 136 FPS on average , while in ‘Far Cry 5’ it went from 74 to 99 FPS, running both games in 4K and Ultra quality.

Sony Patent, PS5 Pro

These data make it a bit clear that doubling the number of GPUs does not mean doubling the FPS , but it is true that Sony could also contribute new techniques here so that the developers of their games take even more advantage of these configurations.

What is certain is that raising a PS5 Pro with two GPUs could undoubtedly make the gaming performance even more solid in 4K resolution , which we could probably enjoy at more FPS even at the highest level of detail for an even more fluid experience.

It is important to note that at the moment this is nothing more than a patent and therefore there are no guarantees that this hypothetical PS5 Pro is in development , but the appearance of such a document certainly raises that possibility.

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