144K Mega accounts have been removed for copyright infringement

MEGA was born from the controversy, the evolution of Megaupload, which closed in 2012. Created by Kim himself Dotcom is now one of the largest online storage services in the world, but unlike megaupload, it takes the copyright issue.

It’s not that great for movie sharing, clearly speaking.

Now it has more than 230 million users and 107 billion files, stored, files that in some cases do break the law, and that is the reason why the service has now suspended the accounts of more than 144,000 users for repeat offenses..

It is important to remember that Dotcom is no longer involved with the platform, and that may have been the reason why the image of the service has improved so that it can be used from a more professional and less “pirate” point of view. The growth is tremendous. In 2019 the number of files stored had risen to 63.8 billion and last year that number grew to 84 billion files.

The information comes from Mega’s annual transparency report, where they remember that not even the company itself can see what content is stored on its servers. It is used by millions of people as an online hard drive, with the option to share stored content with outsiders, as long as the links are distributed with a decryption key.

Currently there are still thousands of users who use MEGA to distribute movies, music and TV shows, in fact, in the last 12 months, the company has received more than 2.3 million requests for file deletion, compared to around 1 , 2 million in the previous reporting period. MEGA boasts of processing deletions in up to four hours, with most deletions done in minutes.

Still, the removed links accounted for 0.0007% of the 107 billion files uploaded to servers, so it seems clear that it has nothing to do with the defunct megaupload.

MEGA’s policy is clear, suspending any user’s account with three deletion warnings for copyright infringement within six months. On September 30, 2021, Mega had suspended 144,813 users for repeated copyright infringements.

When uploading files to MEGA, metadata is saved, including IP address and port information for logins, API usage, file uploads, folder creations, and link exports, so this is not a service anonymous to keep secret material, precisely. Mega also stores the email addresses of anyone that users have contacted using Mega’s systems, the email addresses of the chat participants, as well as the start times and duration of the chat.

On the other hand, the free option does not allow you to have untouchable files for a long time, it is necessary to have active accounts, and the space that they give always depends on that activity that we carry out.

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